Over the years I have illustrated and published a lot of books both for children and grown-ups.
Many, but not all of them, are now sadly out of print, but here is a listing of most of them together with the ways you can still get hold of them.
Some are available on my LULU webpage, others can be ordered directly from my by emailing me at while some can still be obtained via their publishers or at some of th esites that sell ex-library copies of out of print books. (Eg, you can get hold of a copy of PUZZLE BODY for about $6..)
In the 1990s I drew a series of six very popular childrens puzzle books for SCHOLASTIC Australia titled: PUZZLE PLANETS, PUZZLE BODY, PUZZLE WORLDS, PUZZLE KINGDOMS, PUZZLE ANIMALS and PUZZLE HEROES. While all of them are now out of print I have a few signed copies left of PLANETS, WORLDS, KINGDOMS and HEROES.
There is a collection of strips from my old comic strip LAFFERTY on my LULU page. The book is titled UP WITH LAFFERTY and is available as a download or a print on demand.
I also have six how to draw books in a series with titles: HOW TO DRAW FANTASY CREATURES, HOW TO DRAW ALIENS AND ROBOTS, HOW TO DRAW PIRATES, HOW TO DRAW CIRCUS FIGURES, HOW TO DRAW HANDS and HOW TO DRAW AUSTRALIAN HISTORICAL FIGURES. All these books are still in print. If yo ucan't get them through a bookshop or distributor I have copies at home (contact me) or a few of them are available as a download or print on demand on my LULU site.
There is also a downloadable or print on demand version of strips from my comic GEORGE THE ROBOT on my LULU site with an earlier version of GEORGE titled 2085-AUSTRALIA 100 YEARS IN THE FUTURE avaiable from me direct.
There are a lot of my cartoons suitable for uses in newsletters etc on the LULU site. The book is titled THE CARTOON FILE-CLIP ARE BY STEPHEN STANLEY.
Recently I illustrated a book titled LEAVING HOME- READY SET GO, which was self published by its authors (Carol Graham and Sherrie Faulder.) but then the book was picked up by THE FIVE MILE PRESS and republished with even more of my drawings as LEAVING HOME- A SURVIVAL GUIDE. Both books should be available from bookshops or the publishers.
Back in 1997 I was planning to issue a series of serious comic books in a series titled SHADOWLANDS. In the event only one issue was ever published and that was simply titled SHADOWLANDS. I've got a few copies left at home.
I also illustrate books by my brother DAVID STANLEY. Look for WHEN EMUS DREAM, a book of cute poems and such available through David's site at LULU.COM, He's also just put out a book published by Eloquent books titled A LOVELY DAY FOR KNITTING with my drawings. This is a single longer poem from the WHEN EMUS DREAM. It is available from the website, with more books in a similar vein to follow in due course.
I also did a puzzle book for DOVER PUBLICATIONS in NEW YORK, titled HIDDEN PICTURE CHALLENGE. As far as I know it's still availiable for sale through bookshops and the Dover website. In 2012 there are two new books from DOVER: THE HAUNTED MAZE and CITY OF LOST MAZES.
If you like my STAN cartoons in the WHYALLA NEWS I have a self-published book of some of the early strips available from me directly. It's THE STAN CARTOON COLLECTION and while it came out back in about 1977 it's stil lamazingly pertinent.

There are lots more books I've done over the years but as I seem to have only a file copy left on hand it's not much use listing them. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to contact me if you need one of my books. (I even sign stuff.)